LLC Aerotech Enterprise carries out the whole hose manufacturing cycle: the production of connecting fittings, the connection of connecting fittings with a rubber sleeve, the testing of a hose. Hoses are made on modern high-performance imported equipment.

   Also at the production facilities of LLC Aerotech Enterprise performs the entire pipeline manufacturing cycle: the production of connecting fittings, pipe bending, connection of pipe and connecting fittings, testing of the pipeline. Pipe bending is carried out both by the traditional method - mechanized - manual bending according to standards, and by the modern method - automated bending according to electronic models.
For the development of automated bending, Aerotech Enterprise LLC was the first in the Russian helicopter industry to complete and put into operation in 2016. automated complex for the manufacture of pipelines based on 3D modeling. The complex includes modern imported equipment for pipe lengths, deburring stripping, pipe bending, pipe tip formations (flaring or zigovka), an optical scanning system and corresponding software products. LLC “Enterprise“ Aerotech ”since 2017. serially manufactures pipelines on an automated complex.

    Product quality control is carried out by the Quality Control Department of LLC Aerotech Enterprise and 350 VP of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accredited to the enterprise. Architectural supervision is carried out by organizations - developers on a contractual basis.
The processes of planning, preparation and management of the production of hoses and pipelines are automated using proprietary software products (the name of the program and its purpose is ITD)
The production capacity and competence of the personnel of Aerotech Enterprise LLC makes it possible to supply aviation rubber hoses of various designs and pipelines of various designs (including electronic models) for any aircraft for mass production.



Imported equipment


345 million rubles

The amount of sales for 2018



Units of output

Our products

    Production of aviation hoses
LLC Aerotech Enterprise serially manufactures aviation rubber hoses (rubber hoses with connecting fittings) of high and low pressure for all systems of Russian aviation technology in accordance with the design documentation of organizations developing aircraft and Russian state and industry standards. Hoses are made for helicopters of the type Mi-8 / Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-28 and their modifications; An-24, An-26, Su-25, Su-30 aircraft and their modifications. The hoses are supplied both to the serial factories of the aviation holdings of JSC Russian Helicopters, PJSC United Aviation Corporation, and to aviation repair companies and operating organizations.

    Production of aviation pipelines
LLC “Enterprise Aerotech” carries out mass production of aviation pipelines for the systems of helicopters Mi-8 / Mi-171 and their modifications produced by the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.


We are currently producing parts for: